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His name is Red, not Ash.
Yes, he does come from Pallet Town.
And he also eventually becomes the trainer of a Pikachu.
But this kid is very different from the well-known Ash Ketchum.

He nicknames his Pokemon. He has red eyes. He travels by himself. He, with the help of other Dex Holders, helps to not only put Team Rocket’s evil deeds to an end once, but twice
ALSO, he helped fight against the Elite Four when they were trying to KILL PEOPLE.
Then he joined together with 9 other Dex Holders to fight a gigantic monster that would’ve drowned the whole world.

He set the standards for having a PokeDex- for it isn’t a tool that is just given out to EVERYONE.

When he was turned to stone, tears couldn’t bring him back. Only a wish from Jirachi could.

He started his epic journey at the age of 11.
This is also when he became Champion of the Indigo Plateau.
At 12, he faced the Elite Four.
At 13, he helped deal with the Mask of Ice.
At 16, he fought Team Rocket and Deoxys, ending with being turned to stone.
Again at 16, he faced Guile Hideout.

That’s right, he actually grows older.

Red, the Fighter, Champion, and the first Dex Holder we were introduced to, still manages to be the humble, simple, and kind-hearted rash protagonist that kicked off the whole manga.

This kid is not Ash Ketchum.

This kid is Red.

And he is one badass, fighter-man that still has his clueless moments- but that’s why we love him.

There’s nothing worse than character misinterpretation.


every girl can relate to this okay


i just wanted to put this out there since im sure it’ll get written about differently tomorrow. 



David Bowie not liking fresh cookies in 1976.

Excuse you the screencap does not do this justice.



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when i die i want to be buried wearing a pair of sunglasses so that a few decades down the line i will also be a cool skeleton

26,473 notes. 26,473 people identified with this statement. if even half that many people actually did this, can you imagine how confused future archaeologists would be



Some harsh but very very true words

Guys, this is the truest thing. If you think negatively about your stuff, other people will start to think negatively about it too. Furthermore, if you make yourself think positively about your stuff, eventually you will be positive about it without that positivity needing to be forced.

Treat your art like it’s the best art in the world and chances are no one will notice the mistakes that are so obvious to you.


He’s just mad because he can’t acquire all the apple juice that I’m acquiring. (x)





i havent seen any persona ones so i took it upon myself im sorry